We care

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service that is focused on caring for clients. This is evident in the way in which we care for every member through the depth of our offering, the personalised, empathetic and interactive service we deliver, the manner in which we choose to communicate with our stakeholders and what we communicate with them, and our transparency in our processes and service delivery.


We’re actively involved

This all rests on a solid foundation of the collective experience and values of our proactive administration team and the high level of involvement of all our consultants. Each and every member of this team holds the most important experience required to care for clients. They therefore hold themselves personally accountable for the proper care of members, which is why they address their needs immediately and with compassion.


We value simplicity

We detest complexity. Our aim is to simplify. We cut through the complex legal and medical jargon and explain products in simple to understand language. We make communication and engagement with members and beneficiaries simpler by offering various communication channels.


We’re transparent

Our fees are declared upfront, leaving no surprises or unexpected expenses for our clients. Our expertise, categories of advice and administrative abilities are declared to all of our clients and we will not take on or agree to assignments that fall outside of our scope of abilities.


We leverage technology

Our dynamic, bespoke administrative procedures and the processes that accompany it have been designed and developed in-house specifically to amplify the reach, insight and capacity of our employees. Designed to offer both existing and prospective clients a user-friendly repository of information, the website provides pertinent information, useful contact details and form downloads that may be used by members.


We inform and empower

The primary focus of our communication is to ensure that our client’s understand exactly what we are doing for them and what benefits they derive from being part of our broader family. Our mission is to simplify our communications and produce easy-to-understand documents. Whilst our communications are clear and purpose driven, we strive to share relevant and pertinent information that members need to know and do it in a manner that is simple and easy to understand.


We communicate and advise

For Corporate clients, we provide high level consultancy and advisory services designed to enable strategic decision making on matters such as :

  • Industry information and feedback on current issues and cases relevant to the industry,
  • Market / competitor schemes analysis,
  • Rules and criteria which are considered when wanting to choose a medical scheme,
  • Employee wellness and wellness programmes or initiatives,
  • Qualitative issues with regard to the current medical scheme, example efficiency on processing claims, solvency requirements, brand awareness, credit control issues,
  • Review of the medical schemes’ financial position..
  • Interpretation and application of the Rules of the medical scheme, the Medical Schemes Act and other relevant pieces of legislation,

Communication to members, on the other hand, is more practical, day-to-day hands-on communication that would include hints and tips about their membership. It is designed to encourage that members enjoy maximum benefit of their membership and lead healthy lifestyles.


We educate

Our highly skilled and trained consultants educate and inform clients on the mechanism of the chosen financial product. We deliver this training in the manner that best meets the requirements, and is the most cost and time effective. No flashy, ostentatious workshops for the sake of it or because that’s the industry norm, but rather real, relevant and impactful education sessions.

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