Click on the links below to view the presentations from the Conference that EB Solutions hosted for its clients on Fri 13th September 2019. Please use the password EBSOLUTIONS.

National Health Insurance
Presented by John Eagles, MD of EB Solutions. He shared some factual insights into governments recently announced NHI Bill.

Employee Benefits Strategy
Presented by Chris Basson, a specialist in the Group Savings and Investment team at Allan Gray. Chris shared research which shows that international best practice points to winning companies who offer a valuable package of benefits, such as a retirement plan, group risk cover and so on.

Bonitas Medical Fund

Section 57(6) of the Medical Schemes Act requires the Board of Trustees to:

Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the interests of beneficiaries in terms of the rules of the medical scheme and the provisions of the Medical Schemes Act are protected at all times Act with due care, diligence, skill and good faith Take all reasonable steps to avoid conflicts of interest, and act with impartiality in respect of all beneficiaries.